Top South Carolina Democrat is Being Primaried Over Immigration

At this point, the Democrat Party has firmly solidified itself as the party of illegal immigration.

Countless Democratic candidates support amnesty and full citizenship for people who have already unlawfully come into America. Democrats often argue enforcing immigration laws that exist today is an act of xenophobia or racism.

Meanwhile, illegal immigration tends to have the worst impact on working-class people. This is because illegal immigrants, in their frequent willingness to work for pennies on the dollar, undercut jobs that would go to Americans.

Democrats, for all their claims to be defenders of the working class, still haven’t dropped their support for illegal immigration. In the case of Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC), this led to him being primaried after decades of winning re-election.

A Deeper Dive into the Primary Challenge Against Clyburn
In the 6th District of South Carolina, Gregg Marcel Dixon is running against Clyburn in the primary election. Unlike the current House Democrat, Dixon is upset about the impacts that illegal immigration is having on the Black community.

In fact, when Dixon sat down for an interview with Breitbart News, he spoke at length about these adverse impacts. According to Dixon, more illegal immigration means fewer housing opportunities, workplaces, jobs, and other resources for Black Americans.

The Clyburn challenger says if he wins the election on Tuesday, June 14, he’ll stand for policies that cut back on immigration and advance pathways for Black Americans in his district.

Finally, Dixon warned the illegal immigration supported by Clyburn and other Democrats is especially hurtful to Black Americans who are reliant upon entry-level jobs for consistent employment.

Can Dixon Bring It Home?
At this time, Dixon is on the ballot in South Carolina’s 6th District as a write-in candidate. Clyburn, on the other hand, has the full machine of the Democratic establishment behind him.

Even Vice President Kamala Harris recently came out to defend Clyburn and help him secure re-election in his district.

Tuesday will determine whether or not Dixon is about to oust the incumbent lawmaker. However, in light of the current machine behind Clyburn, it is safe to say he may very well eke his way into yet another congressional term.