Travel Restrictions For New Covid Variant Bring Renewed Attention To Biden Tweets

Biden lost all his steam because he just banned travel from 8 African countries. Former President Donald Trump didn’t put travel bans in place because of religion. He put them in place because the people traveling from that area threatened the United States.

In 2017, Trump stated, “I must act to protect the security and interests of the United States and its people. I am committed to our ongoing efforts to engage cooperating countries, improve information-sharing and identity-management protocols and procedures, and address terrorism-related and public safety risks. Some of the countries with remaining deficiencies face significant challenges.”

Biden’s America looks like the man in Florida charged with murder after stabbing a man to death. The man crossed the United States’ southern border, claiming to be an “unaccompanied minor.”

There are valid reasons for travel restrictions. In Biden’s case, a surge of a new, scary variant of Covid-19 called Omicron. The new strain is said to spread just like the last strain rapidly.

Maybe Biden is implementing the travel ban because of the racial demographic of Africa. It seems that we can’t stop it from spreading. That’s what the left would say about Trump, but there’s no need to stoop that low, so I won’t.

Biden tweeted:

The best response? David Harris Jr. said, “So you’re blocking black and brown people with passports from coming to America, but allowing black and brown people that need government assets to flood our southern border. Got it.

The easiest way to get to the United States would be to cross the southern border. Not only would the federal government not care, but they’ll probably let you vote and, as Harris said, get government assistance as well.