Trump Attorney Alina Habba Calls Out ‘Snarking’ Reporters In ‘Hush-Money’ Trial Courtroom

Trump attorney Alina Habba criticized reporters and those “pretending” to be journalists inside the Manhattan courtroom where the ‘hush-money’ trial against former President Donald Trump is being held. In an interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters on “Primetime” Thursday, Habba described the scene as a “Twilight Zone” experience.

“You walk in and it’s really actually something surreal,” Habba said. “Today, I walked in, and the first person that caught my eye was everybody from Greg Kelly on the right to George Conway on the left, Kaitlan Collins sitting there.”

Habba, who is not representing Trump in this case, added, “I appreciate that they all want to act journalistic in those moments. I’m sitting there and I’m looking, but they’re snarking and it’s very strange feeling.” She also pointed out that when anything salacious happens, there’s a flurry of keyboard clicking but when actual law and facts are discussed, the courtroom falls silent.

Watters noted that the trial seems to be “for the media” despite no law being broken and no crime being named. Habba agreed, calling the situation “unbelievable.”

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