Trump Blasts McConnell Over $1.7 Trillion Democrat Spending Bill

Former President Donald Trump joined a symphony of Republicans on Monday blasting Sen. Minority Leader Mitch “Old Crow” McConnell (R-KY) for enabling the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill to pass. Trump suggested Democrats have dirt on the senator since he was so quick to pass the bill.

All 50 Democrats and McConnell voted last week to fund lavish government spending through September. In light of rising inflation, House conservatives were furious about the move. But with overwhelming support from the outgoing Democratic majority, the House passed the excessive spending package the next day.

On Truth Social, Trump ripped into McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao.

“The Marxist Democrats must have something really big on Mitch McConnell in order to get him and some of his friendly ‘Republican’ Senators to pass the horrendous ‘All Democrat, All the Way’ OMINOUS Bill. It gives Border Security to other countries, but ZERO $’s to the U.S., it fully funds the corrupt ‘Justice’ Department, FBI (which RIGGED the Presidential Election!), and even the Trump Hating Special ‘Prosecutor.’ It is also a massive giveaway & capitulation to CHINA, making COCO CHOW so happy!” Trump wrote.

Holding McConnell to account even further, the former president said, “If the Old Crow waited just 10 days, the Republican Majority in the House could have made the ‘Ominous’ Bill MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER. Just another win for the Democrats, Mitch, that wouldn’t have happened if ‘Trump’ were President!”

Trump and McConnell’s relationship has always been tense, but it hit rock bottom after the Nov. 8 midterm elections. The pair blamed each other for Republicans’ poor performance at the polls.

The GOP was expecting a red wave. Instead, the polls revealed a mere pink trickle. House Republicans won a small majority, but Democrats kept control of the Senate by picking up an extra seat.

When it became apparent that the Democrats would hold the Senate, Trump lashed out at McConnell.