Trump Endorses Boebert While Some Try To Strip Her Of Her Assignments

Only a few genuinely patriotic politicians left in office, and they’re getting endorsements from former President Donald Trump. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is one of those politicians. She’s constantly attacked “The Squad” and Eric Swalwell (D-CA), both for excellent reasons. “The Squad” has made several antisemitic comments, and Swalwell slept with a Chinese spy and is on the Intelligence Committee. We live in a crazy world.

Hill describes Boebert as “controversial” and “far-right,” but she’s where she needs to be in terms of her political stance.

Trump said that Boebert “has done a fantastic job representing Colorado’s Third District in her first term. She is a fearless leader, a defender of the America First Agenda, and a fighter against the Loser RINOs and Radical Democrats.”

There’s a push back from many Democrats who don’t like what Boebert is saying, and they’ve gone as far as to work toward stripping Boebert of her committee assignments. Boebert called Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MI) a member of the “Jihad Squad,” which isn’t accurate. Omar hasn’t been silent about her support of Hamas and her dislike of Israel.

The endorsement came just after legislation was passed in the House that would create a particular office in the State Department to combat Islamophobia across the globe. What Boebert said wasn’t Islamophobia. That’s ridiculous.

Boebert told a story of a Capitol Police officer running toward the elevator Boebert had got in, and she realized that Omar was beside her. She said that since Omar didn’t have a backpack, she should be fine. Though the comment could be taken as offensive, so should comments and actions from other members of Congress. Imagine if Boebert was sleeping with a Chinese spy. How quickly do you think she would be removed from office? Seems like a double standard.