Trump Reveals ‘Universal Import Tariffs’ Campaign Policy

President Donald Trump is getting in touch with his populist roots — the ‘Great Maga King’ revealed that he is pushing for an “America First” trade plan that would enact tariffs for the majority of goods imported into the United States.

President Trump proclaimed the agenda in a statement put out on Feb. 27, calling for universal baseline tariffs on most foreign products and incentives for domestic production.

“Biden’s pro-China economic program puts America last and it’s killing our country,” announced President Trump. “My cutting-edge trade agenda will revitalize our economy by once again putting America first. We will quickly become a manufacturing powerhouse like the world has never seen before.”

The video was shared by former state and federal prosecutor Ron Filipkowski, a registered member of the Republican Party who reportedly worked with the anti-Trump Lincoln Project to back Joe Biden. Filipkowski characterized President Trump’s policy plan as a “mercantilist system.”

Trump asserted his proposal is important for “both economic and national security,” and would “implement a bold series of reforms to completely eliminate dependence on China in all critical areas.”

Points covered in Trump’s press release for the proposal include that it will incrementally increase tariffs should other nations manipulate their currency or otherwise engage in unjust trading practices, an aim to lower taxes for American workers, families, and businesses as foreign tariffs are put in place, and that the initiative will help in reclaiming American economic independence from China.

“Joe Biden claims to support American manufacturing, but in reality, he is pushing the same pro-China globalist agenda that ripped the industrial heart out of our country,” Trump declared during his video announcement.

The United States’ trade deficit with China has shot up nearly 10 percent under Biden to $382.9 billion in 2022 alone, The Epoch Times reported.

Now, the Biden regime has suggested an almost $2 trillion increase in taxes for Americans, as was revealed by a press release from the House Ways and Means Committee. According to The Epoch Times, the administration is also hoping to enact large tax hikes on 401ks, pension plans, and household energy.

“Very simply, the Biden agenda taxes America to build up China,” stated President Trump, saying his plan is to instead, “tax China to build up America.”

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