Trump: Schools Have To Open And Children Need To Be Educated

In an interview with Fox News, Dan Bongino on Unfiltered, Trump made a statement regarding children’s education. What he said has not been emphasized before by any state representative during the pandemic, not even by Biden himself. During the entirely candid interview, Trump realized that the schools need to be reopened as the children are missing out on education.

He acknowledged the ease of technological and digital advancements, considering everyone has a computer, laptop, or any other smart gadget to aid in the online education system. Still, it can never replace the experience that comes with physical classes in school. The learning environment provided in the school classrooms is a whole other form of learning and an experience that America’s children and youth are missing out upon, forced into a learning system that requires them to look at the computer screen during the pandemic. He went on to call it a psychological and emotional scar that they may never be able to recover.

With the Biden administration imposing Covid related mandates for the states of America, many institutions are suffering, including the education sector. The recent mask mandate by Biden, which requires the children to wear a mask, is the new barrier to reopening the schools. The governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, has spoken out against the mandate, saying that it is up to the parents whether or not to make their children wear the mask. Trump himself believes in providing American people the right to practice the freedoms they provided by the constitution. Before leaving the White House, Trump had initiated a successful vaccine distribution campaign across America. Still, despite the Covid threat, people were free to decide whether they wanted to receive the dose or not, something Biden is entirely oblivious to.

Trump knows the importance of physical learning and stressed the need for the schools to be reopened. By the end of the interview, Trump’s primary point was that children need to be educated since they miss out on a significant portion of their lives due to the pandemic, which can never be made up.