Trump Vows To End Palestine Conflict In Conversation With UFC Legend

Former President Donald Trump made a surprise appearance at UFC 302 at Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center, promising to end the ongoing conflict in Palestine. Trump attended the event, joining a host of celebrities, including comedians Joey Diaz and Theo Von, as well as NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The 45th president entered the arena to a lively crowd, becoming a favored post-fight stop for many fighters. Middleweights Sean Strickland and Kevin Holland, fresh from his victory and breaking his opponent’s arm, both made a beeline for Trump right after their matches.

The highlight of the night came after the main event, where lightweight champion Islam Makhachev successfully defended his title. Trump was seen speaking with UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov, a close friend and trainer of Makhachev. In a brief but significant conversation, Nurmagomedov expressed his hope for peace in Palestine, to which Trump responded, “We’re gonna stop it. I’m gonna stop it” promised.

Trump’s presence at the event was met with enthusiasm, as cameras frequently captured the crowd’s reactions. At one point, the audience chanted, “F*** Joe Biden,” prompting Trump to raise his fist in solidarity.

This isn’t the first time Trump has garnered significant attention at a UFC event. His previous appearance at UFC 299 created headlines when NFL star Travis Kelce liked photos posted by former ESPN host Sage Steele, which featured Steele shaking hands with Trump and posing with other personalities, including Patrick Bet-David, Candace Owens, and SteveWillDoIt.

Kelce’s action stirred controversy among left-wing followers and fans of Taylor Swift, with many expressing outrage over his decision to follow Steele’s page. This incident highlights the polarizing nature of Trump’s presence in public events and the reactions it elicits from various political and social groups.

Trump’s bold statement to Nurmagomedov reflects his ongoing influence and his continued engagement with high-profile figures and events. As the conflict between Israel and Palestine remains a critical global issue, Trump’s promise adds another layer of intrigue to his public appearances.

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