Tucker BRUTALLY Mocks Media’s Former Praise Of Biden

Tucker Carlson has become the most-watched political commentary show on Fox and beat many CNN commentary shows. He is known for his humor when making fun of the left and calling them out for their ridiculous notion that being “woke” is the new norm. Carlson has walloped President Joe Biden with his commentary of Biden’s speeches and policies because Biden is, frankly, kind of dumb. Biden’s handlers might be wise, but Biden can’t even form a sentence.

Carlson attacked the media in a monologue down memory lane by highlighting how military officials treated former President Trump and how they’re treating Biden. Carlson revisited a quote by United States Army Major General Paul Eaton where Eaton said that when the president turned on the military, they turned on him. But what happened in Afghanistan just over a week ago? Didn’t Biden’s administration turn on the military in a way that 13 service members lost their lives? Biden and the State Department knew that the suicide bombers were going to attack, and even where they were going to attack, they did nothing and allowed it to happen. Why? Because they don’t care about Americans. They care about a paycheck. Biden stubbornly dismissed Trump’s plan and formed his own to take credit for the withdrawal and say that Trump was ignorant for composing such negotiations.

Carlson also quoted General Mark Milley when he told Michelle Obama, “Nobody has a bigger smile today than I do. You can’t see it under my mask, but I do,” talking about Biden’s official election win on January 20th, 2021. The disingenuous leaders of our institutions seem to have this idea that there will be no more elections and they’ll rule forever. That’s how they act, at least. But if you look at poll numbers, you’ll realize that Biden has an approval rating under 40%. Biden hasn’t handled American politics with the people in mind, and he’s bent the constitution and law to put in place the things he wants to. Several examples include the eviction moratorium, overturning Trump’s remain in Mexico policy, and several other things.

After all the celebrations for Biden’s victory, the top leaders aren’t smiling anymore. More politicians in the Senate, House and other government areas call for accountability resulting from Biden’s actions in Afghanistan. No smiles from Milley knowing he could be fired or prosecuted because of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Milley is more focused on White rage than he is on military leadership. His priorities are clear.

CNN and others are seeing how the Biden administration has messed up as well. More media companies are coming out day after day condemning the actions of the Biden administration because they’re losing viewers. After Trump left the White House, they didn’t have much else to talk about, and they can’t back Biden up at this point. Unless they’re talking about the unvaccinated, they’re back on Trump and everything “horrible” he did to the United States and its citizens.