Tucker Carlson Criticizes Democrats For Using Cognitively Impaired Politicians As Puppets

On Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson delivered a lengthy monologue criticizing Democrats for selecting cognitively impaired politicians so they can use them as puppets.

Carlson used Senator candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) and President Joe Biden as examples.

Fetterman suffered a serious stroke in mid-May, just after securing victory in the Pennsylvania senatorial primary race. He resumed duties as lieutenant governor later that month but did not campaign at public events again until August.

In Fetterman’s absence, his opponent Mehmet Oz (R-PA) repeatedly raised questions about Fetterman’s health and challenged him to a series of public debates.

Fetterman’s campaign delayed the debate with Oz, but Fetterman’s doctor did issue a letter stating that he was fit to resume his senate campaign. Even so, Fetterman has been open about ongoing health issues, including trouble speaking clearly and understanding what he hears.

Recently, Fetterman sat with NBC reporter Dasha Burns and discussed his health. At the interview, he used a computer to read what Burns said to him.

Carlson lamented that Fetterman had a stroke, but said that Fetterman is not fit to run for office if he cannot understand everyday conversation without the aid of a computer device.

He also criticized the Democratic Party for preying on cognitively impaired politicians and public figures to push their agenda.

“Others in the media scoffed at the idea that was a problem at all,” Carlson stated. “In fact, far from being a problem, it was an asset, because if the equity agenda means anything, it means that incompetent people ought to be in charge. That’s equity.”

He then compared Fetterman to the current president, suggesting that the Democratic Party uses him as a puppet as well.

“So if you don’t like the fact the commander in chief, the guy that commands our nuclear arsenal, is deranged because of age, which he is, then you’re the bigot,” said Carson. “But underneath all of this is the single most cynical political move in the history of this country.”

“That is elevating Joe Biden precisely because he is fading away,” he continued. “Because he is demented.”

“That’s why they chose him,” he concluded.