Tucker Carlson Reveals Media Manipulation By Obama Administration

Tucker Carlson appeared on the Adam Corolla show on August 30 and unloaded on former President Barack Obama. Carlson brought up old rumors about Obama’s orientation toward men and use of illegal drugs, but the biggest blow came when Carlson alleged that the Obama administration silenced the media to prevent the story from coming to light.

In a letter to an ex-girlfriend in 1982, Obama mentioned his “androgynous mind” and that he “had sex with men every day in his imagination.” The letter was first discovered by biographer David Garrow who received a handwritten copy of the letter from his friend, Harvey Klehr. The original letter had been redacted by its original recipient, Alex McNear.

Carlson also discussed an interview he had done with Larry Sinclair, a convicted felon with a long rap sheet that includes forgery and larceny charges. Sinclair claims to have had a physical relationship with the former president and that the two had used illegal drugs together.

Sinclair’s claims have never been substantiated and his criminal history makes him an unreliable witness. Carlson told Carolla that he believes Sinclair’s story to be truthful.

The Obama Administration never commented on the allegations. In 2009, Sinclair published a book titled “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex Lies & Murder?” in which he recounts the allegations and adds that Obama advisor David Axelrod had paid $750,000 to rig a polygraph test so that Sinclair would appear to be lying. Sinclair also claimed that Obama paid to have another former lover murdered in order to prevent the information from becoming public.

Carlson claims that during 2008 when the allegations by Sinclair first surfaced, the Obama administration informed journalists that if they were to run a story, they would be banned from the White House. The threat, if accurate, appears to have had a chilling effect on mainstream media outlets, but coverage from fringe sources did appear.

During the show, Carlson also claimed that the Biden administration and the Democratic National Party used the COVID-19 pandemic to win the last presidential election and would create a ruse to win the election in 2024.

“I think we could ‘Tonkin Gulf’ our way into it where all of a sudden missiles land in Poland and the Russians did it, our NATO ally has been attacked. We’re going to war,” Carlson said before calling on listeners to reach out to Republican House Senators to force a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine in order to prevent the use of the ruse.