Tulsi Gabbard Criticizes TikTok For Banning Ad Supporting Women’s Sports

Former Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard voiced her frustration over TikTok’s decision to ban an advertisement promoting women’s sports, calling the move “crazy.” Gabbard shared the controversial ad, produced by XX-XY Athletics, on her social media, emphasizing the importance of standing up for women’s sports.

The ad, created by retired gymnast and former Levi executive Jennifer Sey, featured female athletes, including former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines. The ad’s message was clear: protecting girls’ and women’s sports from male competitors is essential for fairness and safety. It encouraged viewers to “stand up” for equality in sports and not be intimidated by accusations of bigotry.

Gabbard’s incredulity was evident as she introduced the ad, questioning TikTok’s decision to ban it for being “too controversial, too filled with hate and too offensive.” She urged her followers to remain vigilant and vocal about the undeniable biological differences between men and women, which she described as “undeniably and objectively true.”

The ad depicted scenes of boys competing in girls’ sports, causing injuries to female athletes, and underscored the need for dedicated women’s sports categories. It encouraged women to fight for their rights to compete fairly and safely, rejecting the notion that standing up for these rights is bigotry.

Gabbard highlighted recent court rulings that have started to reverse President Biden’s changes to Title IX, which she argued undermine the original intent of the law to protect women’s sports. She urged continued support for those advocating for women’s sports and equality.

TikTok’s ban message cited a violation of advertising policies due to “offensive content,” stating the decision was made through a combination of automated and manual review processes. This move has sparked significant backlash, with many agreeing with Gabbard’s stance and stressing the importance of protecting women’s sports from policies they believe are harmful.

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