Tulsi Gabbard Is One Of The Last Reasonable Democrats Left As She DESTROYS The Rittenhouse Coverage

Thank God that Tulsi Gabbard is a reasonable human being. The Democrat from Hawaii is one of the party’s only sane members, and she wears it well.

After the debates for the 2020 presidential primary, it was clear that Gabbard would be a problem for the party, and it’s likely why she didn’t get selected for the presidency. If she had been chosen, she would undoubtedly be the President of the United States right now.

Gabbard frequently rants about her Democratic colleagues on social media, but one rant, in particular, has earned her the respect of many Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

Lawrence Jones, of Fox News, spoke to Gabbard about the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and noted that “when the government doesn’t do its job, people step up to protect themselves.” Jones wasn’t advocating for vigilantism, noting that when Rittenhouse was in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the confrontation began, the police weren’t initially present. There have been plenty of times around the country that riots and protests erupted, and police and government agencies weren’t there or couldn’t do their job to protect the community.

Gabbard responded by noting that mainstream media and pro-Antifa politicians were quick to label Rittenhouse a “White supremacist terrorist.” Gabbard also said, “In the midst of all of that chaos, there was no interest in saying ‘hey, you know what, this is a tragedy. The crisis that the city is facing is a tragedy. Let’s wait and follow the evidence and let it work itself through our judicial system.’ The government failed to fulfill this most basic responsibility of keeping their community safe.”

That should be the automatic response from every member of society and especially the media. The media has gotten used to grabbing viewers off sensationalized stories that don’t follow the facts but follow emotions. Emotions are still high from the riots and destruction of 2020, and both sides can still feel their hurt and pain as we leave that behind yet have memories such as the Rittenhouse trial of how bad conditions were in cities across the country.

It’s not a light matter that these things happened. Regardless of the side each individual takes, you can’t take away the facts of the case no matter how hard you try.

Gabbard also said that Rittenhouse shouldn’t have gone and done what he did but that when the government doesn’t fill that spot and keep people safe, people will do what they have to do to keep people safe.

Jones said that he has a problem with inconsistency with the left. He said that if people are mad about the state having their knee on someone’s neck killing them, then why would people be okay with the state intentionally targeting a young man that used self-defense in a situation where he had to.

It’s an incredibly reasonable argument to make. There’s a double standard where the government is the enemy if they disagree with the left, but they become best friends when they agree with the left. You see the same tactics being used with Covid-19 and Covid-19 vaccines. The same people yelling at the top of their lungs that the government couldn’t tell people not to use marijuana are now championing the government forcing the Covid-19 vaccine into people’s bodies.

Gabbard said, “This is the problem here, right? There is no care or interest in evidence or the facts or justice. It’s about politics. It’s about ‘hey, are you one of us or are you one of them? Are you our team, or are you the quote-unquote “enemy”’ and we’ve seen in this example and others if you’re not on our team then you are a racist, you’re a White supremacist, you’re a terrorist?”

It’s gotten to the point of the government calling parents “domestic terrorists” at school board meetings. It all comes back to government overreach and “how free are you?” It’s not a battle of following the law all of the time. It’s the perception that the media and politicians want you to see and believe.