Tulsi Slams Kamala: “She Has No Foreign Policy Background Or Understanding”

Former Democratic Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard appeared on Hannity and pulled no punches. In a short but lively interview, she destroyed Vice President Kamala Harris regarding the VP’s remarks on the crisis in Ukraine.

Tulsi began the interview by attacking Kamala’s presentation style and inability to articulate a complete sentence. Twitter agreed with her.

The former Congresswoman then circled back around to the target and questioned the Vice President’s competence saying, “She has no foreign policy background or understanding.” The rest of the interview followed that consistent theme.

It was a tad confusing when President Biden sent Kamala to the Munich Security Conference in his stead to solve the problem of Russian aggression in Ukraine in the first place. Putting aside the genuine criticism that Kamala Harris has zero foreign policy experience, she has failed at every task handed to her. The Administration famously tasked the Vice President with fixing the United States’ southern border. It took her three months to even stroll down there to see it for herself.

The Vice President’s strategy to stem the tide of people walking across our border was to tell people in Guatemala not to come. Unsurprisingly, there was a surge in illegal immigration with over 2 million people (about the population of Nebraska) migrant ‘encounters’ in 2021 (those are the people we know about through contact, mind you). If she cannot secure the southern border, it is no surprise she failed Ukraine.

Perhaps the problem is one of preparation. The Vice President burns through staff like a toddler through candy. It is hard to get momentum and tackle big problems when everyone is constantly getting up to speed because of turnover in your office.

Serious people fail at things all the time. If they are leaders, they assess what went wrong and incorporate the lessons into the next thing. The Vice President has a track record of consistent failure, lack of self-awareness, and a habit of blaming others for mishaps. We need leaders to steer us through this catastrophe. Unfortunately for Ukraine, Kamala Harris is not one of them.