Twitch Streamers Are Facing Attacks Over Playing Hogwarts Legacy

It seems that even being a fan of the Harry Potter series now makes one a bigot! For those unfamiliar with why the series is considered by some to be controversial, it all started when J.K. Rowling, who is a leftist, allegedly ‘liked’ a Twitter post that certain users deemed ‘transphobic.’

According to the famous author, her apparently accidental clicking of the ‘like’ button led to a campaign of low-level harassment.

Unfortunately for Rowling, the story does not end there. Several months after that, she doubled down on her thought crimes by following a woman on Twitter named Magdalen Berns. Rowling described Berns as a “feminist” and “lesbian” who was tragically succumbing to an aggressive brain tumor.

Sounds like Berns is somebody the left would appreciate, right? Wrong! As Rowling explained, Berns was a strong believer in the importance of gender, and opined that lesbians should not be characterized as bigots for refusing to date “trans women with penises.”

Ever since she first connected with Berns and defended her online, Rowling has repeatedly seen hate from far-left activists.

Even after taking a months-long hiatus from Twitter, the fury of the anti-Rowling crowd did not slow down.

Rowling wrote in a June 2020 essay, “activists who clearly believe themselves to be good, kind and progressive people swarmed back into my timeline, assuming a right to police my speech, accuse me of hatred, call me misogynistic slurs and, above all – as every woman involved in this debate will know – TERF.”

For those who may not have heard the term, TERF apparently stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist,” and appears to be a pejorative used by left-wingers to describe a woman who believes that gender cannot simply be turned on a dime.

Now, gamers who are streaming the new Harry Potter universe-based game “Hogwarts Legacy” to Twitch are catching heat.

The anger seen by fans seemingly prompted some streamers to provide a justification for playing the game.

One man’s girlfriend was allegedly brought to tears in reaction to the fury:

Well, enough of that nonsense!

As to those who are interested in learning more about the game, feel free to check out the trailer below:


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