Unmasked President Biden Returns To The White House After Vacation – ‘Is He Lost?’

When it comes to Democrats’ policies, they appear to be hypocrites in the extreme. They have already announced new laws mandating face masks to be worn indoors and outdoors regardless of whether or not a person has received a vaccine. However, as far as the general public can tell, neither democrat is adhering to it. For instance, when Flee bags “Texas democrats” visited Washington DC, they defied the rules. However, if Americans look back to the birthday celebration of former President Barack Obama, they will see that things have changed. He invited hundreds of individuals, yet not a single one wore a mask or observed social distance.

In comparison, Biden has been doing the same thing. He did not use a mask when he returned to the White House following his vacation. Earlier this week, The Hill published a video of President Joe Biden returning from a brief break in Delaware without his mask. Moreover, other than this, Americans wonder why he opted to walk through the grassy path rather than follow the route that leads directly to the Oval Office.

The public has expressed significant concerns about whether he made the improper turn. Or is he disoriented? Dan Scavino responded that he knew a thing or two about re-entering the White House following a vacation. He made a conscious effort to say that he had been there and done that. However, it was embarrassing to watch the secret servant agent directing Biden in the correct direction.

Furthermore, while he’s stumbling around aimlessly, being pointed in the right way, he’s completely unaware of all that’s going on around him. Consequently, it is thought that President Joe Biden’s health is fast worsening to the point where he would be unable to disclose appearances publicly.