US Drone Strike Targeting Suicide Bombers In Kabul Kills Family Of Nine Including Four Kids Under Age Five

The military leadership that has executed the withdrawal from Afghanistan has proven that they don’t deserve jobs and don’t deserve the position they hold. They must be sacked and replaced right away.

After the suicide bombings at the Kabul, Afghanistan airport, the military retaliated against ISIS K, a new faction of ISIS. The suicide bombings killed 13 U.S. military members and over 100 Afghans. All the Afghans wanted to do was leave the country, and the military members wanted to help.

These suicide bombings happened after the Bagram Air Force Base in Bagram, Afghanistan, was abandoned, and the Taliban released thousands of prisoners. Those released included members of the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and, you guessed it, ISIS.

U.S. Central Command reported that an ISIS-K planner had been killed with a drone strike. The drone strike was meant to be a retaliatory show of force that Biden promised when he said any attack would be met with swift action.

The left loved the retaliation because it finally showed that Joe Biden, Democrat super-star, was brave and capable of executing attacks. Here’s the problem. It backfired.

Biden’s administration celebrated a little too early and a little too proud. The drone strike killed civilians and a lot of them. According to CNN, nine members of a family were killed in the drone strike. The family included six children and three adults. The brother of one of the people that were dead told CNN, “We are not ISIS or Daesh, and this was a family home-where my brothers lived with their families.”

When can we hold people accountable? When will enough be enough, and Biden and the top military leaders are fired. They’re incapable of doing their jobs, and Americans and innocent Afghans have suffered and died because of it.

Conservatives could see this coming. From the day Biden was selected as the Democratic nominee, weakness and incompetence were the United States’ grim future. Biden is mentally declining, and anybody who allows him to make decisions is starting to be an enemy of the state. They’re ruining this country and irresponsibly allowing a mentally decrepit man to make international decisions that are getting people killed.

The world needs to realize that Joe Biden doesn’t represent the United States as a whole, and most Americans are pissed off. Whatever 81 million people voted Biden into office needs to realize that their vote contributed to the devastation that is going on in Afghanistan right now. They had to have known that Biden was mentally incapable of running the country. Even a vote for the independent party would have been better than Biden.

A Taliban spokesman told the Associated Press that the would-be suicide bomber was targeted because he would attack the Kabul Airport.

Is the United States military working with Taliban intelligence personnel now? That sounds terrifying. Just imagine the people who we’ve been fighting against teaming up with us. If it sounds crazy, then there is no other way to put it.