US President Joe Biden Throws A Tantrum!

With over 120,000 people evacuated to safety, thousands of Americans are left behind, and who knows how many Afghan allies needed to go. But President Joe Biden did make time to yell at the American people for a little while. It sounded like somebody didn’t have a nap that day.

It was indeed because of the skill and bravery of the troops. Or at least that’s what Biden says. Realistically if it weren’t for the “bravery” of the troops, then this mission wouldn’t have been complete. Biden can stop patting himself on the back because he contributed nothing of positive gain in this situation. Biden did nothing but make matters worse time and time again. Even as a civilian, I can tell you that it could have been handled better, and any service member would also tell you that.

Biden honored the soldiers who lost loved ones, probably when Facebook banned Shana Chappelle’s account, mother of a fallen Marine. They reinstated her account, but she’s probably going to sue or jump off former President Trump’s lawsuit with him.

After blaming the Afghanistan military again, Biden said he told his national security team to prepare for every eventuality. Still, reports say that Biden ignored contingency plans from top military officials until only a week before the August 31st deadline when he asked the Pentagon for contingency plans.

Biden can lecture America on what he wants the story to be. Still, even while he blames the Afghanistan military for increased risks to Americans and allies, Biden decided to give up the city of Kabul. There was an apparent reality that more harm could be done with the Taliban in control of Kabul, but it didn’t have to be.

Biden has acted as though Afghanistan was a huge success, but he fails to realize that bipartisan condenses weren’t. There’s no reason that Tim Kennedy and several others should have ever had to go to Afghanistan to rescue people. There’s no reason Glenn Beck should have had to send planes to Afghanistan to save Christians. If Biden were so sure of his plan, then it would have worked better. It’s been a total failure, but it’s in line with his entire presidency.

Leaving Afghanistan by August 31st was not an arbitrary deadline but was designed to save lives. Bull. The Taliban told Biden that every military troop has to be gone by August 31st or there would be repercussions. Biden initially said September 11th would be the deadline but backtracked when the Taliban told him to. That’s the weakness we’re dealing with. The President of the United States should never cave or negotiate with terrorist organizations, no matter what. Yet, we see what Biden is made of. We are aware of the type of leader he is and the decisions he makes. He was responsible for the murders of 13 military personnel, the injuries of over 50 military personnel, and the deaths of over 150 Afghans. That is entirely the responsibility of Biden and top military officers. And now the world is at our necks, with the UK refusing to deal with us until Biden is gone and every world leader doubting their connection with the US.

Biden, do not raise your voice at the American people. You are in no position to do so. Your actions alone have caused this chaos, and you will have to answer for that.