Users Of A Right-Wing Dating App Allegedly Contacted By FBI

A new dating app called “The Right Stuff,” created by former Trump staffers as an invite-only platform where conservatives could “connect in authentic and meaningful ways,” was released September 30 to mixed reviews.

Chief among the complaints lodged against the new app is that one of the questions asked when building your online profile could lead to a follow-up call from the FBI as described in the following tweet:

Users are asked a series of questions to build their online profile and one of those questions, according to sources, is “January 6 was…” The open-ended question, if answered “incorrectly” by the user, can be followed up by a call from the FBI.

One user left a review of the app that states, “App asks about January 6th … I said I was there because I was, I’m a patriot … I get a call from an FBI agent the SAME DAY????”

Another reviewer wrote, “I answered the question about January 6th honestly and the next day I had two police officers at my door telling me that they got a call alleging that I was involved in domestic terrorism???”

Overall the app is sitting at a 2.5-star rating and the main complaint is not even the potential phone calls from the FBI. The main complaint is that there are not enough women signing up for the site to begin with.

The app is funded by Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel and created by co-founders Daniel Huff and John McEntee. According to their twitter page, “The Right Stuff” was created “for conservatives to connect in authentic and meaningful ways. Other dating apps have gone woke. We bring people together with shared values and similar passions.”

Huff, when discussing the issues that conservatives face with other dating apps said, “You have the antagonism, the discrimination against conservatives not just from the users, but from the platform itself.” Huff stated that “The Right Stuff” was created to deal with these issues.

The app continues to underperform, and the attention being given it by the FBI seems to be the downfall of this app even if women do begin to sign up too.