Van Jones Warns Biden Must Succeed In Debate Or Risk Campaign Collapse

CNN commentator Van Jones has issued a stark warning to our seemingly declining president about the upcoming presidential debate, suggesting that a weak performance by President Joe Biden could jeopardize his entire campaign. Speaking with CNN’s Jim Acosta on Thursday, Jones emphasized that the debate against former President Donald Trump is a crucial moment for Biden.

“This debate is make-or-break for Biden,” Jones said. “The entire election hinges on this performance. If Biden stumbles, it could be game over for his campaign, plunging the Democratic Party into chaos.”

Jones highlighted the debate’s significance, noting the widespread interest. “Everyone will be watching. If you have a pulse, you’re going to be tuning in. This is the moment of truth,” he declared.

He stressed the potential consequences of a poor showing. “If Biden falters on stage, it’s panic time for the Democrats. But if he can hold his ground against Trump—a force of nature—then he proves he deserves another term.”

The first presidential debate, hosted by CNN in Atlanta, Georgia, will feature stringent rules: no live audience, muted microphones, and no opening statements. Each candidate will have two minutes to respond to questions, with additional time for rebuttals and responses. The debate will last 90 minutes.

Jones pointed out that debating Trump is a formidable challenge and that a strong performance by Biden could energize his campaign. “Going head-to-head with Trump for an hour and a half is no small feat. If Biden can do that successfully, it will be a huge boost for his candidacy,” Jones said.

The debate logistics were also determined by a coin toss, which gave Trump the final closing remarks. Biden, who won the coin toss, chose to stand behind the right podium, placing him on the right side of viewers’ screens.

Jones concluded by underscoring the stakes. “This debate encapsulates the entire presidency. It’s a defining moment for Biden.”

Notably, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Green Party candidate Jill Stein did not meet the criteria to participate in the debate, ensuring the spotlight remains squarely on Biden and Trump.

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