Venezuela and Iran Team and Violate US Agreement

This month, Venezuela and Iran came to terms with a 20-year agreement pledging to cooperate together.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi came to an agreement on several pressing issues that include their oil industries, economic cooperation and military preparedness. In addition, advancing technology, agriculture and tourism were also reportedly discussed at the meeting.

President Maduro thanked the Islamic Republic for sending the South American country badly needed fuel supplies regardless of the US sanctions.

“Tehran’s delivery of oil to Caracas was a great help to the Venezuelan people,” Maduro said.

The two world leaders met in Tehran, which is located in Iran, for two days.

Tensions between the US and the Middle East are worsening due to US sanctions and rising food costs which are crippling Iran’s economy.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign policy has always been to have relations with independent countries, and Venezuela showed that it has had incredible resistance against threats and sanctions by enemies and imperialism,” Raisi said during the joint press conference.

“Sanctions and threats against the Iranian nation over the past 40-plus years have been numerous, but the Iranian nation has turned these sanctions into an opportunity for the country’s progress,” Raisi continued.

There are plans for direct flights to be offered between the two countries in the cities of Tehran and Caracas. This is in hopes that it will help increase tourism.

“I believe that our future will be one of the pleasing and solid friendships,” Maduro stated. “The future of the world is one of equality and justice and standing up against imperialism. We must build this future together.”

Since the agreement, Iran has given over four colossal oil tankers to go to Venezuela, which can carry 800,000 barrels of oil.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have relations with SADRA, an Iranian company that manufactures oil tankers.

With the two controversial countries coming together, it appears the United State’s foreign relations, in general, continue to crumble with the Biden administration.

It starkly contrasts with when former President Donald Trump was in office.

The latest team-up with Venezuela and Iran regarding oil raises the question of what is next for the United States’ oil solution.