Virginia Democrats’ Anti-Youngkin Propaganda Falls Flat

Last November, Glenn Youngkin (R) won the Virginia governor’s race. Much of the nation didn’t expect Youngkin to rise to the governor’s mansion. Over the course of the last decade, Democrats have significantly increased their control over the state.

However, by centering his campaign on education and other issues of importance to Virginia voters, Youngkin was able to defeat his left-wing opponent, in a victory many thought impossible.

Since Governor Youngkin’s term began, Democrats have been strongly opposed him. However, Virginia Democrats’ latest endeavors to push negative stories about Youngkin have not yielded success, according to Red State.

The Vendetta Against Glenn Youngkin

The latest narrative from Virginia Democrats alleges that every school superintendent in Virginia has opposes the governor’s approach to education, specifically outraged by a tip line that allows parents to voice their concerns about schools.

The narrative goes on to claim that as a show of opposition, 133 school superintendents signed a letter calling for the repeal of Youngkin’s tip line. However, Virginia Democrats are didn’t get get the numbers right.

There is indeed a letter calling for the demise of this tip line. Although, rather than having signatures from 133 school superintendents in Virginia, the letter is signed by 12 left-wing members of a panel board.

Nevertheless, the left-wing Washington Post was one of the news sources to incorrectly report that Youngkin’s tip line faced unanimous opposition from school superintendents – so much for fact checking. In fact, it was later revealed that many school superintendents have never even heard of the letter opposing the tip line.

An Ongoing Pattern

Railing against anything and everything to come from Governor Youngkin has been a pattern for Democrats in Virginia.

Youngkin has faced pushback from Democrats over allowing parents the choice to decide whether or not their kids wear face masks in schools. Meanwhile, various reports continue to come out, warning about developmental problems that can arise in very young children being forced to cover their noses and mouths.

The tip line that has angered Democrats so much comes as a result of critical race theory teachings being pushed in schools. Just like face masks, many parents don’t want their children being taught that the color of their skin makes them innately victimized or intrinsically oppressive.

Critical race theory is quickly becoming a losing issue for Democrats, a fact that some in the party are waking up to. Even Beto O’Rourke (D) has recently claimed to be against critical race theory, a claim that’s come into question from conservatives.

Despite Virginia Democrats’ narrative of Youngkin’s tip line being proven false, they have yet to issue a public apology. It’s doubtful one is forthcoming; they probably knew their numbers were false when they started their slanderous campaign.