Virginia Democrats Seem Determined to Lose

Glenn Youngkin was recently elected governor of Virginia. It was a result that surprised most observers. Virginia had been trending from purple to solid blue because of the very liberal DC suburbs in Northern Virginia. The state tilted red over two issues. Parental choice in the education of their children in public schools and Covid mandates. Democrat Terry McAuliffe had a serious debate gaffe when he said that parents should not be able to have a say in their children’s education. This mirrored liberal school boards across the states forcing Critical Race Theory, shutting down schools, and imposing mask mandates.

These actions by state democrats were a sign of being out of touch with their constituents and it is the main reason they lost the governorship and the state lower house. They have not seemed to learn anything from the experience. While state republicans are trying creative ways to deal with the current inflation crisis. They are proposing a moratorium on the state gas taxes to help deal with rising fuel prices.

Democrats predictably are blocking the measure. Their proposed plan seems wildly out of touch with the needs of normal Virginians.

Democrats are loath to pause taxes but have no problem giving money away. They do seem to have a problem with math though. 50 dollars will not go far for families when fuel prices double. It is moves like this that show once again they are not in touch with the people they purport to represent. A pause in the gas tax for three months directly impacts families based on how much they use gas instead of some arbitrary number.

Polling suggests that Virginia democrats are going to get crushed in November. Polling is similar across the nation on both a state and federal level. There is something about the current class of liberals that they are wedded to dogma over substance. Ideology over meeting the needs of the people who voted them into office. One positive effect of the pandemic is that Americans are waking up to how much leftist politics have dominated our institutions. Conservatives are fighting back, and their chances of success remain high if Democrats keep doing what they have been doing the last two years.