VP Kamala Harris Is Wrong In Her Prediction Yet Again And Misled The Entire Country

Vice President Kamala Harris is known for her lies, especially when discussing the southern border. It’s almost like President Joe Biden and Harris got into office. They expected the whole country to bend over backward to ensure that happiness came to everyone. It’s just not true. The failure has been unbelievable, and the excuses are ridiculous.

Harris said, “We didn’t see Delta coming. I think most scientists did not rely upon whose advice and direction we have relied on and didn’t see Delta coming.”
Harris said the same about Omicron, which is odd that she didn’t anticipate that COVID-19 would mutate again after it already did.

Then, looking back at Harris’ track record for “feel good” tweets, you can find one that says, “The first thing @JoeBiden and I will do in the White House is to get this virus under control.”

That wasn’t even the first thing Biden and Harris thought about when they entered office. Biden, the first thing was to get out a pen and sign executive orders, which partially led us to the inflated point with fuel. So, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t the first thing they were going to do.

And, if that was the first thing they were going to do, why didn’t they outline what their plan was? Was it because they knew that the COVID-19 vaccines were being given out in December 2020? Did they think they could walk in and the virus would go away, and they could pat themselves on the back?

If there was anyone out there who thought that the Biden/Harris team would do anything to control COVID-19 without authoritarian measures, you were wrong. You should evaluate your standards of selecting a political candidate. Biden was never going to do anything with the COVID-19 pandemic besides push his power to the limit and see how far it got him. It was a guess, at best, that COVID-19 was going to get better.

The worst thing that Biden has done, and former President Donald Trump did, is to keep Dr. Anthony Fauci on as a medical advisor. We’ll place this one on Biden’s head because Biden was president when it was discovered that he funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China which led to this whole pandemic in the first place. Biden needs to fire him and replace him with someone who knows what they’re talking about and is willing to look at data from multiple angles rather than just a vaccine. Dr. Peter McCullough would be a good first pick.