Walsh: Fox News Supports Radical LGBT Activism

In an explosive new report, Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire revealed that Fox Corp., Fox News’ parent company, encouraged employees to recognize Pride Month and celebrate LGBT causes.

Groups that Fox Corp. believed should benefit from the network’s generosity support gender-affirming surgeries for minors, kids attending Pride events, and the sharing of gay materials through children’s books.

When workers open their employee portals, they are greeted with options to support such LGBT organizations as the Trevor Project, the Ali Forney Center, and the LA LGBT Center.

This is all presented under the headline “Support One Another.”

These organizations are clear in their goals for children. The Trevor Project urges minors to switch genders and distributes resources for kids and teenagers to make this happen.

There is even a “quick exit” button on the site to enable young people to hide their online activities from concerned parents. And tellingly, there are no resources for someone wishing to detransition.

Further, the group that bills itself as a leader against suicides in nonbinary youth reportedly hosts an explicit chat room that brings together children as young as 13 with LGBT adults.

According to Walsh, Fox Corp. implemented “woke AI” to monitor employees’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles. The company urged workers to sign up for Eskalera, a program that encourages “understanding of identity” and “more nuanced D&I concepts.”

Walsh reported the AI platform culls data from email, payroll systems and other sources to produce a “peer comfort index” and “diversity index.” These are supposed to be measurements of how regularly a Fox News employee practices “micro-affirmations.”

The startling revelations hardly end there. The supposedly conservative network suggested a pride kids book filled with rainbows that tells the tale of a character “coming out” as a unicorn.

Of course, this is to represent a child’s acknowledging they are gay or transgender. Other gay literature that Fox News’ parent company said will “expand your perspective” featured explicit gay encounters.

Walsh speculated that Fox’s leadership may be more beholden to powerful institutional investors such as BlackRock. This firm is at the forefront of pushing woke initiatives onto corporations using the leverage of its trillions of dollars in funding.