Washington State Now Hiring ‘Strike Team’ For Quarantine Facility With 24/7 Security

In Washington State, an Isolation and Quarantine facility is almost ready for “travelers” to be admitted. The Washington State Department of Health is currently trying to staff the facility, but, interestingly, there’s no mention of what “traveler” means and no mention of the ability to come and go as you please or if there’s a choice to be admitted. If Australia is an example of what’s to come in the United States, Americans should be concerned with what the facility would mean for the country.

According to Indeed, the Washington State Department of Health has posted a position to be filled in the facility. The position posted is called “Isolation 7 Quarantine Strike Team Consultants (PS2) – Non-Permanent – DOH5814” and detailed the position saying that it’s a position inside the facility and responsibilities would include sanitation, ordering food, carrying food to patients, etc.

The disturbing role that’s included in the Indeed job posting: “Participate in emergency response activities and when the Agency Activation Center is activated.”

A quick search didn’t result in information referring to “Agency Activation Center” or what that emergency response would entail. Still, other requirements include driving a state vehicle, so it’s expected that the role wouldn’t solely be in the facility.

According to The Chronicle, the facility will be voluntary. It is at least what’s expected. If President Joe Biden’s words are valid, his patients are running out, and “this isn’t about freedom.” While Biden wasn’t specifically speaking about this facility, it’s horrifying even as a blanket term.

According to the same news source, the facility is expected to have 24/7 security and isn’t expected to increase transmission of Covid-19 through the community. The security part doesn’t necessarily add up, but this facility may be similar, just as hospitals have security and can’t hold anyone against their will. The security is likely used to keep people out rather than keep people in, but it’s still unsettling that a “strike team” would be utilized, and the lack of definition needs to be addressed.

Policies and procedures also need to be addressed and turned over to political leaders in the area to ensure the constitutionality of the operation. Overstepping the Constitution for public safety isn’t part of the deal. Under any circumstance other than mental health issues, understandably so, you can’t hold someone against their will due to illness other than mental illness. Then you have to prove that the individual will harm themselves or someone else due to that mental illness.

Answers need to be given, and restrictions need to be put in place. Otherwise, this institution could get out of control very quickly. There needs to be heavy oversight, and if anything pushes the boundary, it needs to be completely shut down.