WATCH: DeSantis Wrecks Biden Over His Response To COVID At Border

Amid the rising positivity rate of Covid-19 among American people, Biden has introduced a mask mandate even for the children. On the other side, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has prohibited the mask mandates, for which Biden chastised him for failing to comply with a federal ruling.

Biden’s administration has preached to follow the science in the fight against Covid-19 and claimed to shut down the virus instead of shutting down the states, targeting Trump for imposing lockdowns. But ever since Biden joined the office, the cases have only risen. Previously, Biden announced that the vaccinated individuals would not have to wear a mask in public spaces. With the rise in the positivity rate of the Delta variant, he imposed the mask mandate for everyone, especially in the White House, even for the vaccinated people. When Biden tried to go after DeSantis for banning the mask mandate in Florida, which has the least positivity rate in all of America, DeSantis bashed Biden for not having kept his words of ‘shutting down the Virus’ during a public address. He further targeted Biden and his administration for allowing the illegal migrants into the country through the Southern Border without testing them for Covid-19 first.

13 % of the illegal migrants released in Texas were reported to have tested positive for the virus, risking spreading to American populations. He warns Biden not to come at him with derogatory remarks before reflecting upon his actions.


Biden has turned a blind eye to his policies and is now forcing a mask mandate for the kindergartners as well. DeSantis says that it’s the parent’s right to choose whether they want to have their children wear a mask or not, and he will not allow even the President himself to take it away from them. DeSantis finished his speech with a mic drop moment when he completely wrecked Biden, warning him to do his job and control the border situation before speaking up about the Covid-19 situation.