Watch: UFC Fans Chant ‘USA’ As Trump Enters Arena

It seems that former President Donald Trump is no less popular following his controversial indictment last week by a Manhattan grand jury on over 30 felony counts, which many have argued simply amounts to political persecution against the main opposition candidate.

Just ask the crowd gathered at the UFC 287 event, who gave the former president a roaring round of applause upon his entry into the arena on Saturday night.

Chants of “USA! USA! USA!” could be heard throughout the building.

Trump reportedly met up with multiple prominent friends of his at the event, including Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, and UFC president Dana White.

Also in attendance was Donald Trump Jr.

The former president received praise from the now-retired UFC star Jorge Masvidal, who announced to the crowd, “I want to say — greatest president in the history of the world sitting right there,” adding “I love that guy!” and beginning a ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant after he referred to Joe Biden as “that Let’s go Brandon m— f—.”

Masvidal also said that his state, Florida, has the “greatest governor of all time,” emphasizing that it must be kept free.

He concluded, “I’m out y’all 305 for life.”

In recent news, reports have revealed that Trump will soon take another trip to New York City in order to deal with legal challenges put up against him by Democrat attorney generals in the state. According to ABC News, the former president is set to appear for a second appearance as part of a $250 million civil fraud lawsuit filed by Attorney General Letitia James.

The former president appeared for a deposition at James’ office last August, mere weeks before the lawsuit was first filed. At the time, he refused to answer questions, reportedly invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination over 400 times. Trump asserted that he did so as the probe is one of many parts in a “politically motivated Witch Hunt.”

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