WEF Forum Exposes Deep State Collusion

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is something out of many constitutional conservatives’ nightmares, showcasing the efforts by the global elite for our future. While many Americans struggle with the power in Washington, they often don’t consider the power of unelected bureaucrats and politicians across the world. The WEF.’s January 2023 meetings feature a number of current and former American officials, and it shows just how deep the rot of the deep state goes.

For example, the recent comments by FBI director Christopher Wray. The law enforcement chief spoke to the WEF about cybersecurity challenges. Wray told the group that there is increased cooperation between the private sector and the government, hinting at a major future crisis point.

If Big Tech is in bed with an expansive security and surveillance state, the rights of the average American are at risk. Furthermore, this jives with earlier comments from former CNN host Brian Stelter about destroying “disinformation.” However, what disinformation is lies in the eyes of the beholder. Is it a matter of the efficacy of vaccines, about Hunter Biden’s laptop, or about the policy positions of 2024 candidates? That may ultimately be up to Twitter, Google, and Facebook.

The WEF has long pushed the message that you will own nothing by 2030 and be happy. Most people would be horrified at such an idea, but it is one that many American officials already accept. Your car, truck, house, and personal appliances are all contributing to climate change, the argument may go, and you have to give them up for the common good.

The group is already considering a multitude of future crises, all of which may act as a precursor to strip away the rights of common people in exchange for the collective. The plans of the WEF and the participants in the American government are clear — you cannot say that it’s a secret.

Hopefully, some in our government will safeguard us against future intrusions on our rights.


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