While Pushing for Ethanol, Biden Stumbles Over His Words, Whispers in the Microphone, and Embarrasses Us All

President Joe Biden visited Menlo, Iowa to give a speech about energy. Instead of talking about the forceful new climate control changes, there’s a new plan that isn’t going to make anything better and may be more hypocritical than anyone expected.

Ethanol is worse for the environment than gasoline. Dr. Tyler Lark, Assistant Scientist at University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment and lead author of a study on Ethanol, said, “Corn ethanol is not a climate-friendly fuel.”

The study that was partly funded by the National Wildlife Federation and U.S. Department of Energy, determined that ethanol was around 24% worse for the environment than gasoline.

This move will ultimately be worse for the environment and won’t cover all vehicles. The fuel, “E15,” that Biden’s administration is pushing for will only cover vehicles made from 2001 on which could ultimately give the federal government the power to ban other types of gasoline and force people to buy newer vehicles.

According to a report from 2016, John Stossel interviews farmers and details the process that occurs and the impact on food production that happens when ethanol was introduced and the lasting effects. More farm land has been dedicated to corn instead of other agriculture and government funding that has gone into corn production has caused food prices to rise.

There’s a supply chain crisis, a fertilizer crisis, gas supply crisis, inflation, and now the federal government thinks it’ll be a good idea to push for E15 to be sold in the summer when there’s more carbon emissions. There goes climate change.

Even while pushing the ridiculous ethanol changes, Biden could barely get through a sentence. Biden said, “Now as I was campaigning here in Iowa and made that commitment, I don’t think anyone heard me, but we’re back. I, uh, my name is Joan, Joe Biden and I worked for…”

Then Biden looked around looking for someone he used to work for.

Later on, a bird appeared to poop on Biden’s shoulder.

Then, to make matters worse, he said that Putin “has a burning tundra. Literally. It’s burning. The permafrost is burning. He’s got a problem, and he’s caused, we’re not gonna let him cause that problem to spread of the rest world.”

What an embarrassment. Biden then whispered in the microphone and said, “Folks, I’m starting to bore myself, but this is important stuff, I think, I think.”

Shouldn’t that be important stuff for everyone to care about? If Biden thinks he, and any other Democrat, has any chance in the 2022 mid-term election then he’s severely mistaken.