White House Caught in a Lie About Crack Pipe Funding

In the United States today, the drug epidemic continues to wreak havoc on countless lives. Many Americans today struggle with drug addiction in one form or another. Some have even lost their lives owing to overdoses.

With fentanyl coming across the southern border, America’s problems with drugs only stand to get worse. This is a major reason why Republicans have been hounding Biden to secure the southern border once and for all.

The White House hasn’t gotten around to doing this. Although it has certainly managed to distribute “safe smoking kits.” When the Biden administration first began this initiative, news broke that these kits contained crack pipes.

Naturally, the White House denied ever funding crack pipes in any capacity. Yet, recent developments tell a very different story.

What to Know About Biden-funded Crack Pipes
Many institutions across the country exist to help people who are struggling with drug issues…or so they say. Some of these facilities have been criticized as actually feeding into addictions people are struggling with, rather than truly aiding them with recovery.

Nevertheless, many of these harm reduction centers are being given grant money from the federal government. With this money, however, there are kits being distributed that contain not only lubricant and condoms, but also crack pipes for smoking.

Because the centers handing out these kits are getting money from the federal government, this means the Biden administration is, in fact, funding crack pipes

The New York Harm Reduction Educators is a prime example of this.

An official with the conservative Daily Caller was able to obtain crack pipes in kits from this center after filling out forms. On top of this, New York Harm Reduction Educators even allegedly gave the green light for drugs to be smoked on their own premises.

Another Mess For the Biden Administration
Following this update, Republicans have taken to social media to call out the White House for intentionally misleading Americans on crack pipe funding and distribution. The mainstream media is also being slammed for backing the administration’s claims that no federal funding of crack pipes is taking place.

Americans can likely expect these developments to come up soon during a White House press briefing. Although whether or not the Biden administration gives an honest response to the latest news on crack pipes remains to be seen.