White House Slammed For Damaging Energy Independence

In today’s America, energy independence is a shell of its former self.

Since getting into the White House, Joe Biden made it clear that prioritizing a hardline, partisan climate change agenda mattered more than keeping America’s pipelines, oil drilling, and other energy components active.

On the 2020 presidential election campaign trail, Biden affirmed his support for shutting down fossil fuels and otherwise gutting the US energy sector.

Lately, many American energy suppliers have called upon the president to work with them amicably. However, the only response they’ve gotten from the president is cold rejection.

Now, the White House is taking heat for its systematic destruction of energy independence, along with the consequences of anti-energy policies.

Former CEO Rips Into the Biden Administration
Former Chrysler CEO Robert Nardelli is not holding back in keeping the current president accountable for current energy problems.

On Friday, Nardelli informed Fox News that Biden is responsible for depleted US energy independence. The former CEO explained that as the president took down domestic energy production, he made sure America had to rely upon Saudi Arabia for vital resources.

Next, Nardelli panned Biden over supply chain issues. After the former CEO said the supply chain problems are directly connected to inflation, he called out the White House for continued price increases.

Unfortunately, Nardelli also told Fox News that he doesn’t see energy costs or other expenses going down anytime soon. The former CEO explained his work alone with Fortune 500 companies gives him a lot of insight into across-the-board price increases.

Nardelli’s commentary on energy independence has been echoed by Republican lawmakers who repeatedly sound the alarm against Biden-era policies.

The White House’s Version of Events
Repeatedly, the White House rejects claims that Biden’s policies damaged energy independence in America. At one point, the president himself even stated his policies aren’t interfering with oil drilling.

The Biden administration also stands by its claim that the war in Ukraine is what’s causing America’s energy costs to increase.

However, Republicans have refuted this claim by pointing out the timeline of Biden’s energy policies vs. the February 24, 2022 starting date of the Ukraine war.

Since the president’s policies of cracking down against oil drilling, pipelines, and oil/gas leases began well before February, many Americans don’t believe what the White House is saying.