White House Staff Fly $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill To Virgin Islands So Biden Can Sign It

President Joe Biden has signed the 4,155-page $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package thanks to White House staff, who flew the bill to him on the taxpayers’ dime while he was enjoying a vacation in the Virgin Islands.

White House staff members were forced to fly the pork-filled bill all the way to Biden’s vacation home in St. Croix so that he could sign it before the deadline of December 30.
Apparently, Biden decided to leave Washington, D.C., for his vacation on Tuesday despite knowing that the omnibus bill needed to be signed, as it was not ready for his signature yet.

The White House announced on Thursday evening that Biden had officially signed the legislation, and the president’s official Twitter account released a photo of him signing a bill and celebrating his supposed “historic progress” in office.

“Today, I signed the bipartisan omnibus bill, ending a year of historic progress. It’ll invest in medical research, safety, veteran health care, disaster recovery, VAWA funding – and get crucial assistance to Ukraine. Looking forward to more in 2023,” the tweet read.

As has been customary recently, reporters — who traveled with Biden — were locked out of the signing ceremony. Instead of allowing the media to photograph the signing, the White House released an image of the president in a suit signing the omnibus bill at a non-descript table.

For most of Christmas week, Biden was locked away from the public and the press — with the White House releasing staged photographs of the president engaged in various holiday-related activities. This is reminiscent of Biden’s time on the campaign trail, where his campaign called a lid on his activities very early in the day on many occasions and kept him shut away from the press.

Biden and his family are currently vacationing at the home of billionaire couple Bill and Connie Neville for free, according to reporting from the New York Post.

The Nevilles were recently on the guest list at Biden’s decadent first state dinner held at the White House, where French President Emmanuel Macron was also a guest.

Biden is also being criticized for flying off to vacation in the Virgin Islands while Americans are struggling in the wake of a severe winter storm that swept across most of the United States, causing dozens of deaths and significant power outages. The storm also led to thousands of canceled flights, which are being partially blamed on the negligence of Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg.