White House Trashes Gov. Abbott For Border ‘Chaos’

At best a deflection and more like a bizarre and delusional outburst, the White House on Friday laid blame for Texas’s border chaos at the feet of Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

The governor last week authorized state officials to apprehend and then transport migrants who illegally crossed from Mexico back to the southern border. This came as thousands upon thousands poured into Texas, straining law enforcement and social services to the breaking point.

Over 5,000 illegal migrants were apprehended crossing the border over the July 4 holiday weekend.

When a home invasion destroys the security and sanctity of a family’s residence, does the homeowner get blamed?

Apparently so in Washington. Ahead of President Joe Biden’s Friday visit to the CIA, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was questioned about the administration’s plans for a legal response to Abbott’s measures to protect his state.

Her answer was startling.

First, Jean-Pierre declared immigration enforcement to be a federal responsibility — which is valid. Then, however, she said states should not “meddle” and specifically called out Abbott for his “track record of causing chaos and confusion at the border.”

This is nonsensical. In one breath the Biden administration declared the constitutional charge to the federal government to control immigration. But the very next sentence blames the Texas governor for chaos at the border — which is, of course, Washington’s responsibility.

Adding to that contradiction, White House spokesman Abdullah Hasan released a statement decrying Abbott’s move to transport migrants back to the border. The president’s mouthpiece slammed the governor for putting law enforcement in “dangerous” positions and a “logistical nightmare.”

Not to be left out, Mexico’s Foreign Relations Department “rejected” the move as part of Abbott’s run for reelection. Of course, that country’s government nor any other has the slightest say in U.S. immigration policy and enforcement.

Abdication of responsibility by the federal government left state and local officials little choice but to act to protect their citizens. The White House would do well to step up and enforce immigration statutes instead of complaining when the affected areas are forced to act.