White House Trying to Hide Biden’s Latest Brain Freeze

The individual who is supposed to be president of the United States is in the middle of a regressive mental decline for the whole world to see. Joe Biden constantly makes these major errors when he’s speaking and he does this habitually.

These errors and brain freezes come as the White House refuses to have Biden take a cognitive test and then release the results. Of course, this is because the White House knows the test results will not look good.

Today, the Biden administration’s current strategy seems to be letting the president embarrass himself and then later cleaning up the mess for him.

This is precisely what the White House did on Thursday when Biden had yet another brain freeze, according to PJ Media.

Botched Statements on Russia and Ukraine

On Thursday, Biden gave a speech about legislative action being taken to help the people of Ukraine fight off attacks from Russia.

However, when it came to mentioning the particulars of this action, the president quickly began to fall apart. Biden declared that he’s sending over a package to lawmakers in order to “accommodate” the oligarchs of Russia.

At some point, Biden appeared to realize he made a mistake when saying that. Yet, rather than correcting the error on his own, the president repeated it for a second time, laughed, and kept talking.

Later, the White House amended the transcript of Biden’s speech. The change reads that the package sent to congressional lawmakers is designed to “hold accountable” the oligarchs of Russia.

Of course, the White House altering the official transcript doesn’t change the reality of what Biden said. It’s also not his first time making botched statements about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Weeks ago, Biden claimed that US troops would be “seeing” what’s happening in Ukraine when they “go there.” This, too, was quickly corrected by the president’s administration.

A National Security Risk?

The situation between Ukraine and Russia is a powderkeg.

Russian President Vladimir Putin continues to make various, unhinged threats of war against the West and anyone who he perceives as helping Ukraine fight back against Russian troops.

The absolute last thing needed right now is a US president who can’t remember what he’s supposed to say. Biden’s tendency to communicate the wrong things at the wrong time can have serious ramifications for the country and our allies.

Former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) has already described Biden and his clear health problems as a threat to national security. Each time the president opens his mouth, he proves that Jackson’s assessment is correct.