WHO Seeks to Undermine US Sovereignty

The World Health Organization (WHO) has spent the entire Covid epidemic moving the goalposts and trying to get the rest of the world to embrace draconian lockdowns. Up to this point, the organization has had to rely upon persuasion to get countries to follow its recommendations. Some have chosen to follow the WHO’s lead voluntarily, while other countries have followed their own path.

Health advocates in the United States have not had to worry about the politicization of Covid on the international level. The strategy for both sides of the debate has been to try and persuade politicians at both the state and federal levels to choose actions in alignment with their stated goals. This would seem to be the only viable method of change, given the United States is a sovereign country. The discussion should end there.

The globalist minded among the leaders, however, think the idea of sovereignty is a quaint relic of the past. The Director of the WHO has proposed an amended treaty that would make the organization the director of the entire world’s pandemic response. This means that if medical bureaucrats in Geneva decree that everyone must stay in their homes, then farmers in Kansas would be required to obey. The fact that the Biden administration has not publicly come out to reassure the citizens of the United States that they do not have to worry about that happening is telling. In fact, President Biden sent over extensive amendments to the treaty that would make this a reality. By proposing the amendments this way to an existing treaty there does not need to be Senate approval, which Biden would never be able to get the 67 votes required.

This brazen attack on American sovereignty is likely to pass. That said, the reality on the ground will be much different than what is written in the legal documents. If the WHO attempted to abrogate the federal government’s authority the issue would be challenged in the courts, requiring a decision by the Supreme Court. It is unlikely there would be the five votes needed to support such a move.

Then there are the red states. The beauty of federalism is that the states have a measure of sovereignty themselves. The WHO would soon find out it does not have the enforcement mechanism to enforce its edicts. Although the treaty changes are a troubling development, they will most likely end up being a paper tiger.