Why Does President Biden Do This Unpleasant Thing At The UN Climate Conference?

Somewhere along the way, someone must have told President Joe Biden that whispering into a microphone will make you sound more intelligent, or it’s another sign of dementia.

As Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi urges Democrats not to embarrass Biden while the infrastructure bill is on the table but is it even on the table? It hasn’t been passed, and Democrats are increasingly getting suspicious of the intentions of the Biden administration.

The flip flop of suggestions and decisions behind the infrastructure bill and other legislation suggestions that the Biden administration has been going through for the last several months isn’t giving the American people the confidence they should have. The only thing that people are sure of is that there’s no unity or cooperation in the current administration, and tensions are growing.

Biden continues to show his inability to keep himself together. While he was at the United Nations Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, he whispered into the microphone, saying, “The United States.”

He also said that this decade will define us, and we only have a brief window of opportunity to “raise to meet our ambitions and raise to meet the task that’s rapidly narrowing.”

John Kerry said in 2014, “Now, that’s how fast this change is happening. And because the earth is getting hotter at such an alarming speed, glaciers in places like the Arctic are melting into the sea faster than we expected.”

It’s safe to say that the concern isn’t as bad as it seems because Biden is more than happy to use foreign oil rather than continue the energy independence achieved under the last administration. He’s asked OPEC to pump more oil. The production standards are much different in the countries we’re getting oil from than those in the U.S., and there’s no need to get oil elsewhere.

The counter-balance between concern and increasing revenue stream is the real goal. It is critical to promote electric vehicles and sustainable energy. Still, it also comes with investments that will be very profitable for politicians and anyone who pushes the climate change agenda.

And, of course, there are environmental problems that should not be overlooked. But realistic goals that make sense and are achievable should be the focus. When all forms of energy are taken off the table besides clean energy, you’re pushing out progress for third-world governments to get ahead. You’re not allowing reliable sources to exist that will stabilize the types of energy that are being put in place.

For now, Joe sounds like an idiot, and it’s laughable, to say the least, that he keeps whispering into the microphone when he speaks. It seems more like political ASMR than anything else.