Why In The World Does The CDC Have To Rely On Data From Israel To Guide Our COVID-19 Response?

Data matters. Opinion alteration based on scientific updates matters. If President Joe Biden wanted to end the Covid-19 pandemic, they would shut up and allow Americans to choose for themselves and move on to different topics. That would end the Covid-19 pandemic overnight. That’s because scientific data has revealed that Covid-19 will infect everyone vaccinated, unvaccinated, Black, White, Asian, Mexican. Nobody is exempt from being exposed to Covid-19. At some point, everyone will be exposed, but not everyone will have severe symptoms or die. The Covid-19 virus is 99.8% survivable.

The Covid-19 vaccine doesn’t prevent you from contracting Covid-19. Read that again. The Covid-19 vaccine should be taken by those who have a weakened immune system or are older. There’s no doubt that those people are more susceptible to having more severe reactions. Now that we’ve covered that, the American government cannot give Americans accurate data, particularly those left. The “anti-big pharma” people are reticent during the Covid-19 vaccine campaign, making big pharma billions of dollars. They are trying to force Americans to get the vaccine, and there’s no other option. Why? Because they’re told to.

The left will listen to any information that CNN puts on their network, and they take it for a fact. The same goes for the right with Fox News, but the critical distinction is that Fox News generally defends the right to choose and think for yourself. That’s not the wrong position to take.

The left is foaming at the mouth to give children under 12 the Covid-19 vaccine, but they’ve failed to give valuable data on what could prevent a severe Covid-19 reaction, like I don’t know, staying healthy? Instead, governmental leaders are trying to hand out donuts and fast food if you get the Covid-19 vaccine, and if you don’t, you’re part of the problem.

As much as the left has given in to the ridiculous guidance by their leaders, the left is starting to come around to the confirmed plan, and more doctors are coming out every day to speak out against mandates. They’re starting to give sensible advice and question the decisions of the leaders of our Democrat-run government.

Disputes over Covid-19 booster shots are coming to light, but the Biden administration takes Israel’s scientific data instead of the Center for Disease Control. Israel is having a massive outbreak of Covid-19 infection after having a massive amount of their population vaccinated. It means that outbreak cases after vaccination are popping up all over the country and the vaccine effectiveness long-term is being determined, and a booster shot is being recommended. The CDC isn’t on board with this, at least for now. Now that their two top leaders have resigned over disputes with the Biden administration, they’ll probably come around once they fill the spots with leftists.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been shown to last around more than six months, while natural antibodies from natural infection last around eight months or more. It means that even if everyone gets vaccinated simultaneously every six months, more infections could arise, which would continue the Covid-19 pandemic forever.

With the $1.5 billion CDC budget, why can’t they give valuable data without relying on the rest of the world? Did they find the scientific data they needed to mandate booster shots? Time will tell.