Women Give Thanks For Turkey And Abortions This Year

Amid many family gatherings this week for Thanksgiving, one leftist magazine shared stories from women who are thankful for their abortions. The Nation published the article “We’re Thankful for our Abortions.” Writer Nikiya Natale interviews women in the article who say having abortions has given them opportunities in life they couldn’t have had with a baby in tow.

After considering Natale’s meaning of Thanksgiving which is, according to her, founded on the genocide of Native Americans, and about how her commitment to “justice for all people” makes the holiday difficult for her to celebrate, she figured out at least one thing she was grateful for. Apparently, ending an unborn child’s life- twice- is at the top of Natale’s gratitude list this year. She wrote that she was thankful to have accessed abortions in her state of Texas while it was still legal and grateful for her self-service to be able to go on in life and career while avoiding responsibility.

Natale went on in the “Thanksgiving article” to applaud other women celebrating their abortions. She stated that many women who have abortions celebrate, but the holidays can be challenging because not everyone in their family will celebrate with them. So in the true spirit of Thanksgiving, Natale and the writers at We Testify are on a mission to celebrate women for their abortions “no matter if it’s their first or fourth.”

In the interviews for Natale’s article, she asked, “How did you come to feel good celebrating and being thankful for your abortions?” Many women who responded spoke about abortion giving them more freedom. Some even mentioned that they had no idea they would not be “exempt” from pregnancy. One New Jersey woman said she would have never been able to finish college and start her small business with a child because she would be too worried about making ends meet and struggling to care for two small children.

In some respects, this article should cause outrage in women who are single or working mothers. Many of us finish degrees, start businesses, and have rewarding careers with children in tow. If this article does not scream that abortions are for self-service, I’m not sure what does.