Xi Jinping Faces Reported Health Challenges With Rumor Of A Coup Spreading

Chinese President Xi Jinping was being talked about as having ”leader for life” status just six months ago. The Olympics went well, and his announced special relationship with Russia seemed to be a shrewd political move. China, as a nation, seemed to be ascending, and there were those in the Western media who had already abdicated the United States’ status as hegemon to the Chinese.

Fast forward to today and Jinping is on much shakier ground.

First, there is the matter of his health. There are rumors circulating that he recently suffered a brain aneurysm.

There have also been reports that President Xi Jinping has been experiencing coughing fits. Jinping is 68 years old, so it is not unusual for someone of that age to develop medical conditions that can impact their ability to function.

And when you are at the head of a dictatorial government, there are always people waiting in the wings who would like to take your place. Even if his duties are not being affected, the perception of weakness can be all it takes for enemies to make a move.

This is doubly true if your policies are unpopular. There is starting to be some pushback on China’s “Zero Covid” policy that has resulted in the complete lockdown of Shanghai and other cities in China. Residents have been unable to get food and medical supplies because of the restrictions. Premier Li Keqiang recently questioned the wisdom of the extreme measures and the impact it will have on the economy.

It is unusual for dissent to be aired publicly, and the fact that Keqiang feels comfortable doing it means that Jinping may be weak enough for his rivals to stage a coup. Some people are forecasting that it is possible Jinping could be ousted in the next 18 months.

The wildcard in the situation is Jinping’s plan for Taiwan. His health issues and political weakness may factor into his decision to unify the island nation as part of the Chinese Communist Party’s “One China” policy sooner rather than later.