YMCA Bans 80-year-old Woman After She Protests Trans Employee in Locker Room

The YMCA permanently banned an 80-year-old woman from their local pool after she demanded a transgender woman exit the women’s locker room.

Julie Jaman of Port Townsend told a local radio show that she saw a man in a woman’s bathing suit in the locker room at the same time as four or five little girls. It was then that she asked him “if he had a penis.”

When he replied that it was none of her business, Jaman told him to “get out right now.”

She said she discovered that the trans employee was in the locker room as she was showering. Jaman “heard a man’s voice” and alerted a pool worker that he was present in the women’s locker room.

The 80-year-old woman was stunned when she was told that she was discriminating and was now “banned from the pool forever.” Jaman told the interviewer that the staffer threatened to call the police.

There was not an official police report on the situation, but the Port Townsend Police Department did take an incident report. It details Jaman having an “emotional response” to a “strange male’s” presence in the locker room where the girls were present.

It also noted that the YMCA called and said Jaman was “screaming” at one of its employees and “refusing to leave.”

The YMCA said that the permanent pool ban followed a string of incidents in which Jaman violated the facility’s policies and not just the encounter with the trans woman.

It confirmed that she was “permanently suspended” for using “disrespectful words” as well as “abusive, harassing and obscene language or gestures” towards their staff.

Jaman strongly counters that narrative, saying she had been a member of the facility for 35 years and had a great relationship with other swimmers. She said she’s a lifelong Democrat.

In an interview with the local newspaper, Jaman said she was stunned about being naked and showering in a room with a biological male. She said there should be warnings posted that trans individuals are present in the showers and bathrooms.

She also noted that Pride posters are hung all over the facility and perhaps their purpose was to warn women of what to expect.