Young Girl Tells School Board They All Ought To Be Imprisoned For What They Put On Her Face

Children shouldn’t be wearing masks in school or elsewhere. There’s no statistical or medical reason that children should have a fear of Covid-19, and the discussion about having them get the Covid-19 vaccine isn’t a scientific absolute either.

According to the CDC, 595 children have died from Covid-19 since January 1st, 2020.

The problem with the numbers is that they show that almost twice the amount of children died from Pneumonia than they died from Covid-19 yet there are still mask mandates in schools. There’s no real sense in having discussions about children when it comes to this virus. They have to go to school, and forcing a mask on them is ridiculous.

It comes down to individual rights and individual liberty. The same argument of changing schools and homeschooling can be made to mask mandates and freedom of choice. The only opinion that seems to stick is when someone doesn’t want to be forced to wear a mask, and then you’re told that you can homeschool your children. It isn’t that simple.

An 8-year-old in Tampa Bay told her school board, “Just because I got suspended for not wearing a mask isn’t going to change my mind. You can keep suspending me. I still have the right not to wear a mask.”

The girl also said, “I hope you all go to jail for doing this to me.”

The girl also spoke up about how dirty masks are. They block bacteria that would typically be healthy bacteria that live in the mouth, nose, and lungs and allow them to sit there and be inhaled.

The girl has been suspended for around 40 days since she refuses to wear a mask. If she flunks out of school because of the mask mandates and her non-compliance, then it will ultimately be the school’s fault.

Where is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on this? He put an executive order in place to stop this behavior, but it doesn’t seem like he’s interested.

Executive Order 21-175 says, “Today, Governor Ron DeSantis issued Executive Order 21-175, in response to several Florida school boards considering or implementing mask mandates in their schools after the Biden Administration issued unscientific and inconsistent recommendations that school-aged children wear masks.”

The order was issued July 30th, 2021, and if this is allowed, the executive order carries no weight. DeSantis needs to wake up or revoke the declaration if he doesn’t plan on enforcing it.

If politicians aren’t going to stand up for children, they shouldn’t stand up at all. Talk is talk; action is action. There’s a huge difference.