Zelenskyy and Wife Pose for Vogue Magazine Despite War

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been saying his country is desperately trying to fight a brutal invasion from Russia. Despite this, he has time to pose for a prestigious magazine commonly reserved for elites and celebrities.

The political leader supposedly took time out of his busy schedule in his war-torn country to do a photo shoot with his wife, Onlena Zelenska, for Vogue magazine.

The pictures taken will be featured in the magazine’s October 2022 issue. But some photos were released early and had been circulating on social media with mixed opinions.

One of the most unsettling photos featured Onlena next to soldiers and a broken-down aircraft. People were quick to point out the oddity of the photo seeing as a tragedy was being made into a fashion set.

The United States sent Ukraine a whopping $54 billion and counting despite the American people suffering from high inflation and rising fuel costs. So as Americans suffer, Democrats tell them to at least take solace that Zelensky was given billions to fight big bad Russia.

The Biden administration has continually praised Zelensky and has made it clear that Russia is now considered one of America’s biggest enemies.

Ukraine is not the free, well-functioning country that the establishment media makes it out to be. It is not a democracy and Zelensky is known for silencing any opposition that arises against him. How his dictator style differs from Putin’s is yet to be clear.

Regardless of the circumstances, Americans are forced to have their taxpayer dollars go to a country whose leader’s choices are questionable.

Zelensky made comments about regaining freedom from Russia, that it is “absolutely communal values” that Ukraine is trying to endorse, “inflation is nothing,” and “secondary.”

Conservative commentator for Fox News, Tucker Carlson, had something to say about the Ukrainian leader’s comments.

“Really? Maybe to you, Mr. Zelensky, but to Americans, they are actually kind of meaningful because our countries are not the same,” Carlson said

“Why don’t you run yours? We’ll run ours,” Carlson said, continuing that Ukraine’s leaders “have total contempt for us” and “just want our money.”

As Americans suffer financial hardship, they can rest easy knowing that billions of their taxpayers are going to another country while its leader takes time to do celebrity photoshoots.