Deep State Tribunal’s Editorial Guidelines

We know how difficult it is to sift through hundreds of news stories each day, wondering which are fact-based, which are simply opinion, and which are dripping with bias. The team here at Deep State Tribunal aims to serve the public by putting out the highest quality news possible. To do this, we have adopted a strict editorial policy designed to keep everyone on our team in line.

Ethics in Reporting

We do not condone unethical behavior of any kind. Every member of our team is required to disclose any potential conflict of interest, paid partnership, or anything that may influence their abilities to objectively work on any given story. This is non-negotiable and failure to do so is grounds for dismissal from our team.

We also require our team members to cover sensitive stories carefully, treating those impacted with the respect and dignity they deserve. You’ll only find honestly covered, ethical news on our pages.

Artificial Intelligence and Plagiarism

The recent rise of artificial intelligence has left the public questioning the authenticity of a lot of what they see – in media and beyond. Our team is forbidden to use artificial intelligence beyond using it as a tool to assist in research. Every item published here is human-iterated, from writer to editor and beyond.

We also, like many of our esteemed peers, have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. Theft of content and ideas is not something we’ll ever condone.

Diligent Corrections

Truth? We’re all human. Humans make mistakes. Sometimes we get bad information, despite our diligent fact-checking efforts. Sometimes new developments occur. No matter what the issue, we’ll take ownership of what we’ve done wrong, make corrections, and remain transparent about our updates.

Contacting Deep State Tribunal

We want to hear from you. Your loyalty and partnership is paramount to our ability to grow towards becoming a better media network. Email us at any time with your feedback, thoughts, and even criticism. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.