Gen. Milley Commits To Never Ending Aid To Ukraine

Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced Tuesday that the United States will continue to offer financial support to Ukraine indefinitely. This comes as disappointing news to Americans who are stretching dollars, counting pennies and growing increasingly opposed to further support of the Ukraine war.

Milley boasted about the United States’ continued involvement in the war while delivering an emotive speech about what life is like for Ukrainians. But attempts to appeal to American hearts may be a fruitless endeavor today.

Americans are being bled dry. Many consider the $113 billion sent to Ukraine since February 2022 to be a part of the problem. The solution seems simple: Pull out of the war. But Milley conveyed that’s not what our government has planned for us.

Milley reiterated, “As President Biden and Secretary Austin have said many, many times over, we, the United States, will continue to provide support to Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

It appears American tax dollars may be at the mercy of Moscow’s timeline. Milley made it clear that the U.S. will forge ahead with more financial support of the war effort until Putin says it’s a wrap.

Per Milley, the U.S. has doled out military equipment, such as “javelins and Stingers that helped stop the initial Russian onslaught.” But it didn’t stop there. We’ve handed over artillery, air defense weaponry, armor, mechanized vehicles, breaching equipment and more.

Milley added the end goal is to, “Support Ukraine until Putin’s unwarranted, illegal and ruinous war of choice comes to an end.” In the meantime, many Americans are left feeling they have no choice in the matter.

Despite a government shutdown looming at the end of this month, bipartisan support to fund Ukraine isn’t surfacing. Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) speech in the Senate on Wednesday represented the majority of the American people well. He won’t support further funding of the Ukraine war because he is standing in support of his nation’s people instead.

The average American has withdrawn their support for Ukraine over the last year, too. But the government is still spending our money.

Milley also claimed U.S. efforts to support Ukraine’s combat against Russia would brand us as a leader of the rule of law in our adversaries’ eyes. Americans aren’t likely to buy that. They’re concerned with the growing deficit, the rates of homelessness, illegal immigration and the cost to feed their families — not what future enemies may think of them.

Claims that an overwhelming majority of Americans support this war effort might be based on outdated data that represents a more stable time in our nation when we could afford to have bleeding hearts.

A more recent Morning Consult poll attests that 58% of Republican voters don’t feel the U.S. is responsible for helping Ukraine. In contrast, 53% of Democrat voters do. Only 38% of American voters believe we should be lending a hand in Ukraine — the lowest figure yet since Russia’s invasion.

The more U.S. tax dollars are sent to Ukraine, the higher we may see inflation rise on American soil. The more members of Congress ignore the constituents they are to be representing, the more unstable the nation may become. Nevertheless, our government’s focus remains fixed on the people of Ukraine.

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