Judge Releases Illegal Migrants Who Attacked National Guard

A Texas judge surprisingly ordered the release of a group of illegal migrants who were caught on video storming the U.S. border and attacking National Guard troops there to protect American citizens.

Texas officials noted that federal agents were uncooperative, but they still managed to arrest several of the rioters who rushed the troops. But the alleged perpetrators apparently will not have to face the music as they are being let out into the U.S.

In fact, Magistrate Judge Humberto Acosta ordered their release into American communities “on their own recognizance.” No punishment, not even tracking, they are now set loose into the country.

In the shocking March 21 incident, an angry horde of illegals got through the razor wire fence at the Texas border. Then they overwhelmed a small contingent of only six National Guard troops who showed remarkable restraint while being attacked.

The mob apparently became upset when soldiers separated the illegals into smaller groups for processing. Some women and children were briefly apart from the men, who jumped at the chance to riot.

Some of the attackers reportedly had knives and other sharp instruments, and one allegedly attempted to wrestle away a soldier’s weapon.

New York Post reporter Jennie Taer described the chaos as a “riot.” She said that hundreds of illegal migrants became fed up with Texas soldiers attempting to control the volatile situation.

Taer posted on X, formerly Twitter, that she witnessed the troops being “overrun by migrants rioting to get across the border here in El Paso today.”

Mexican photojournalist J. Omar Ornelas posted on X that he saw when “hundreds of migrants were pushed south of the concertina wire in the middle of the night by Texas National Guard.” He said the same group later breached the barrier and rushed for the Texas border.

He identified the offending illegals as hailing from Africa, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela.

The wire the mob broke through is increasingly common as Texas officials attempt to protect residents from the ever-growing border invasion.

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