Washington Drops Bar Exam Requirement In DEI initiative

The bar exam in the state of Washington has been the latest target of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) experimentation. The State Supreme Court has approved three alternatives to the bar exam for becoming a licensed attorney.

The Bar Licensure Task Force produced a report riddled with all the standard “woke” catchphrases and buzzwords. The current bar exam was described as “disproportionately and unnecessarily blocking marginalized groups from entering the practice of law.”

The report went on to say that “In addition to the racism and classism written into the test itself the time and financial costs of the test reinforce historical inequities in our profession.”

Finally, the task force explicitly stated that its goal was to “advance the cause of diversity equity and inclusion.”

Law school graduates can complete 12 qualifying skills credits along with 500 hours of work as a legal intern. They can also do a six-month internship and complete three state-approved courses.

The new requirements even define a path to becoming a licensed attorney that does not require a law school degree. Law clerks can complete “standardized educational materials” along with 500 hours of work as legal interns.

Washington is the second state to offer alternatives to the bar exam. Oregon’s similar changes will take effect in May. California, Minnesota, Nevada and Utah are also considering eliminating the bar exam as a requirement to practice law.

It has been observed that this program constitutes a “soft bigotry of low expectations,” as it presumes that Blacks and other minorities do not possess the intelligence to pass the bar exam.

One natural consequence of this is that people will be far more inclined to hire attorneys who have passed the bar exam than those who have made an end-run around it. Fewer still would choose a lawyer who neither attended law school nor passed the bar exam.

These new lowered standards will result in community college-educated lawyers trying cases. The price of DEI will be the credibility of the law profession.

DEI has overrun many aspects of life in irrational ways. Entertainment has seen a virtual elimination of White characters in film and television. Even White historical figures in documentaries are often race-swapped.

But more disturbing has been the DEI programs in the airline industry. The recent wave of mechanical failure incidents on commercial aircraft has been attributed to poorly qualified workers fast-tracked to their positions courtesy of “diversity” programs. Flight attendants of “diverse” ethnicities are being trained to be pilots.

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