US Intelligence Warns Of Terrorist Threat After Moscow Attack

A bulletin released by the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security is warning of the elevated potential for a terrorist threat in the United States and to show extra caution if attending mass gatherings, including sports stadiums, concert venues and places of worship.

The threat comes just weeks after a deadly terrorist attack in Moscow which killed at least 144 people and wounded over 550 others, and was claimed by an ISIS faction whose base of operations is in Kyrgyzstan.

Although ISIS has publicly claimed responsibility for the attack, it is relevant that Russian authorities say they believe the terrorists involved had ties to Ukraine and, by extension, possibly to the United States.

The U.S. and U.K. embassies in Russia had issued a warning just a few weeks before the attack took place and urged people to avoid large gatherings in Russia, much to the alarm of Russian authorities who claimed the warning was the first they had heard of any information of such a threat from Western intelligence, demanding to know if the details were a new development or something they already knew about through their own channels.

Russian President Vladimir Putin promised that those responsible for the horrendous massacre would pay for their involvement, and with Russia publicly blaming Western-backed actors as being ultimately responsible for the vicious attack, there has been some cause for concern that perhaps in the near future there could be a coming retaliation, perhaps in the form of another terrorist attack that may have responsibility claimed by one party, but actually be done at the behest of much larger world power, such as Russia, China or Iran.

Although “conspiracy theory” territory, it is worthwhile to note that clandestine operatives of world powers are no strangers to dirty work and covering their tracks to avoid open scandal and official diplomatic retaliation.

Instead, a parallel world of tit-for-tat activities exists that the public rarely, if ever, finds out about and flies in the face of mainstream news narratives. While speculative, it is not without the realm of possibility that a powerful nation, or anonymous representatives of said nation, might bribe or pay off certain bad actors to perform a heinous act and take public credit for it to avoid escalating the scenario in a manner that would demand a much larger level of potential retaliation.

ISIS, already an organization hated by almost the entire civilized world, is already a “bad guy” and has nothing to lose by claiming responsibility for just one more atrocity, and therefore could make the perfect partner for such nefarious activities.

Operating in a clandestine way to avoid immediate large-scale retaliation is also nothing new. Vladimir Putin’s initial invasion of Crimea, for example, was done by unmarked Russian soldiers who claimed to merely be unaffiliated militia, which allowed Putin the immediate advantage of plausible deniability and delayed response from opposing world powers.

However, there is cause for Islamic radicals to want to attack the United States beyond possibly acting on behalf of another actor. Israel’s current war in Gaza, along with U.S. support, is surely enough to raise the ire of extremists bent on death and destruction, and the FBI has already reported that there is a raised terror threat to the homeland for this very reason.

Regardless of who or what party is responsible for the appalling attack in Moscow, it is without doubt that the United States is incredibly vulnerable to a similarly awful attack. President Joe Biden has left the southern border wide open for anyone to cross through, including Chinese spies, potential saboteurs and terrorist sleeper cells. Aliens from all over the world, including the Middle East, have been found crossing the border and some have had connections to radical organizations.

In Joe Biden’s America, elected leaders look the other way while the security of the country is obliterated, and all for the sake of money, favor, politics and power.

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