Andrew Klavan Facing Backlash Over ‘Christ Is King’ Comments

In an interesting revelation, one of the hosts at the Daily Wire recently said that the phrase “Christ is King” belongs to an “antisemitic crowd,” prompting massive backlash.

Daily Wire host Andrew Klavan claimed that the Christian phrase “Christ is King” is insulting toward Jews. His statement comes after the company parted ways with Candace Owens, who argued over the phrase with host Ben Shapiro.

Klavan claimed that individuals who use the phrase quote scripture in a way that “Satan” does.

“When you use that phrase to mean that God has abandoned his chosen people, the Jews, through whom he came into this world incarnate, and that he’s broken his promise — his covenant with the Jews,” Klavan said. “You are quoting scripture like Satan does in the Bible.”

Klavan continued by calling it “wicked” when individuals use the phase. He pointed out that he understands why people would want internet personalities like Shapiro and renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson seek God.

“I understand this all. All of you who love Ben — I love Ben — and Jordan Peterson — you all want to see them find Jesus because you know what joy and freedom that gives you,” he went on.

Although Klavan’s comments may have eased the position for him, Christians were unhappy with his statement.

The Daily Wire host faced massive backlash on X, formerly known as Twitter, leading the phrase to go viral.

“Christ is King is trending worldwide. The media’s attempt to cross Him again has failed. Happy Sunday,” Owens wrote on the platform.

Twitch streamer Kangmin Lee said individuals should never be afraid to use the phrase.
“Christ is King. This is for certain,” Lee said. “Never be ashamed of this. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess. But ‘Christ is King’ should be proclaimed for His glory, not our own. If you say it for your own gain, you crown yourself as king over your life, not Christ.”


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