Arizona Convenience Store Clerk Shoots Alleged Armed Robber

A graveyard shift convenience store clerk in Arizona told local media that he “trains” for emergency situations and stays on alert with situational awareness and weapons training. This preparation became critically necessary in an alleged armed robbery attempt.

Police reported the alleged incident took place just after 5 a.m. on Jan. 18 at a Chevron gas station in Avondale.

Local media reports said the alleged robber put a covering over his face but could be heard mumbling the words “rob” and “money.” FOX 10 reported that it was then that he pointed his firearm at the customer and the store clerk.

The attendant, identified only as Brian, told authorities that “he pointed his gun at me, said it was a robbery, then he pointed his gun at the other customer I had in the store.”

When the alleged robber looked away, it was just enough time for the threatened employee to produce his own weapon and shoot the suspect. Fox News reported the police said, “the suspect became distracted by another person in the store.”

It was then, according to law enforcement, that the clerk took advantage of the momentary opportunity to pull out his own pistol, “shooting and injuring the suspect.”

The convenience store employee was asked afterward if the words he was able to hear the alleged robber utter caused him to decide to shoot to protect himself and the witnesses.

The clerk explained that “the moment he pointed the gun at me, it was pretty obvious what he was there for.” He further said the alleged robber “set the situation and I just followed it.”

The unidentified suspect was taken to a local hospital where he is listed in critical condition. There were no other injuries reported, and officials are combing through surveillance footage from the business for further evidence.

The clerk does not face charges at this time.

This incident is one that is replayed across the country in which good guys with firearms stand up to protect themselves and others from violent criminals. It is also one that the mainstream media and grandstanding politicians prefer to ignore.

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